Friday, 18 April 2014

B&D Cakes and Creations

When you have a dream and it feels out of reach, what do you ???

You persist in that dream no matter how long it takes for your to make that dream come through...

And here's why ..........

Many moons ago a young man had a dream of being a top professional chef.. That man is my husband Baz. He had a dream when he was only a young adult. He dreamt one day he would be a professional chef and he though to himself one day that he was going to pursue his dream.. 

While he was still finding his feet as a young growing man and finding out  what he wanted to do he came across a lot of obstacles and when I say a lot, I mean a lot, see growing up in Ireland as a young man looking for work, you had to have qualifications from school to walk into that dream job, but by the time Baz got all his qualifications his own personal circumstances changed meaning he had to get work soon as which meant his dream job as a professional chef would have to wait a little longer.. 

See to become a professional chef you have to have years of training behind you and Baz did not have that time to spare.. So he did what any hard working young man would do and that's take the next good paying job to get by in life because in Ireland it was getting to be a pretty expensive state to live.. We had the boom alright but that soon ended with a bigger BOOM.. 

So on he went to enter into a world of Communications.. Where he strives at every challenge becoming more and more knowledgeable of the industry and in turn gave him higher positions as he progressed in the company but no matter how tough his day job would be on him he always managed to have some time to cook, bake and experiment with food when he got home. I know I have seen him in the kitchen and if you think speedy Gonzales is fast, you can forget about it. Baz would literally surf the web, study a recipe and be back from the store with everything he needs to start this new recipe.. 

He never stopped through the years experimenting with food and I loved him for that, simply because I got to taste all those amazing and delicious dishes.. But to my own amazement, Baz went on to start baking, starting off with your aul favourite, scones and melted Irish butter and homemade brambly jam.. 

As simply as they were, they were always welcome with a cup a " Rosie " which also means a cup of tea here in Ireland.. 

So after a few years experimenting with lots of different dishes and baking the odd dessert, he then tried his hand at cakes.. Now this is where the good stuff starts..

Here is a link to Baz's facebook page named   B&D Cakes and Creations  You can click the name which will bring you to the page.. Check it out, you will be amazed at how far he has come with his dream.. 

The first few cakes he made, he would always try to better the latest design he created to make the next even more creative...

Here are some pictures of the amazing cakes he created himself....

                                                                Ombre Ruffle Cake

                                 Two Tier Black and White Cake 

                                                     Minnie Mouse Cake 

                                                  Communion Cake

                                          Pigeon Loft / Decks Cake 
  This cake was specially requested as I have never seen a cake like this before myself

                                 The Hive Busby Bee Cake 

With this cake he also made a Video tutorial to show how this is created. You can see the video for this cake below also.. Pretty amazing this one

Also another video you can see more pics of the finished design ...

         Black & White design cake for a special friends birthday 

            A Sparkling Barbie Princess Cake / with movable wings 

                   Minion Cake Despicable Me Half Good / Half Evil 

                A Triple Tier classic Black & White Wedding Cake 

                                  A Communion Barbie Cake 

                                     A Coffin Style Cake 

           Again you can check out the video below for more pictures of this style cake

So these cakes are only a few of his designs he has made to order, if you are interested in finding out more about what designs he can create for you visit his facebook page BnD Cakes and Creations here

Pretty cool designs and whats even better he has only began to delve into his dream and I couldn't not be happier for him... He will also be designing our very own wedding cake for our big day and has plenty of time to practise for it :)

I sure hope he can build a 10 Tier cake for the wedding :)

Irish Dannyboy