Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Despiciable Me " Minion Cake " Half Good / Half Evil

Can you believe how longs its been since my last post.. ah here leave it out will ye :)

So have decided to keep my blog up to date as god knows how long its been since my last confession.. Which was about a minute ago but who's counting, not me that's for sure..

Right, I best get on with it so and post away....

Check out this picture below of the animated film character

             " Despicable Me " Minion Cake " Half Good / Half Evil

You can also check out the video format of these pictures with this youtube video

Pretty cool character. This was another crazy cake creation from my better half Baz, Few more pics below.

I think its pretty cool for his first attempt at this kind of character .....

It you want to see more of his work and Cakes, you can check out his Facebook page By Clicking the link Here... BnDCakesandCreations

You will be amazed at some of his creations. I remember when he use to always say to me that he always wanted to be a chef but never could as another job came first more money and took it, so now in his later years he is starting to give some attention to his passion and that was to be a chef as he masters some amazing meals on the stove also :) and sure a way to a mans heart is through his belly, ye got that right, had me at the first meal....

So anyways lost myself ranting there, back to the beginning, first post in a long time but sure see how we go and ill TRY, now I said TRY, me best to keep it interesting for you mad bunch


Irish Dannyboy