Tuesday, 22 January 2013

First Blog For My New Blog of January 2013

So here you are, having a little read of my new blog I just set up.. :)

Thanks for stopping by for a read, not sure if you will find me interesting enough but sure you must have, to click the link and have a read, Thanks, now your making me nervous now that your still reading it, shit quick think of something good to say DannyBoy, oh ye, I know, Sorry do you have the spare time on ye :)

Ah Jesus I'm only kidding..

So here goes, Since I use facebook a lot, I tend to rant away and be all out there, I've come to a conclusion, that somethings are better left off  facebook altogether, so I decided I would start up a blog for a little rant every now and then, can say what I bleeding like on here, which gets me rather excited and all crazy in the face :):)

                                                           " Inserts Crazy Face Below "

So this will be my little corner of the web where I can be as creative as much as I like without anyone getting on my tits basically :)

Hope you will follow my blog and keep up to date what ill be ranting on about, because to be honest I need someone to read this :) as its my first scribble in my new blog I'm allowed to get away with ranting, just the once mind you.

You still there???? ah nice one, thought you were gone for a sec :)

So back to what I was ranting on about, ye, through the year ill be updating the blogs design, changing it about till I get comfortable with its look, as you may have seen on facebook or heard, myself and my mouth watering dashing boyfriend recently got engaged on our 10th year together in Barcelona, so ill be posting pics and videos throughout the year of places we will be looking at to get married in, ie... Venues, Hotels, outdoor venues, suits, cars, invitations, food, honeymoon etc etc...

                                                 " My Handsome Beyonce Baza Cuda "

                         " Love This Man So Much, ALL Love is Equal regardless of your sexuality "

Hopefully win the lotto and wont have to worry about any of that, should really start doing it today, back in a sec..

Phew, that was fast, just back in the in the door, quick pic eat your heart out, oohhh wish me luck :)

So ye, basically, ill be planning a BIG GAY WEDDING, ranting away what I'm passionate about, making a lot of DIY ( Do It Yourself ) videos on tutorials, Love a bit of Arts and Crafts....

So I'm going to keep this short and sweet for my first blog, don't want to bore you out of your brain just yet, wait, are still here ????? Jesus thank f**k for that, thought I lost ye there and was going to call the guards and have you arrested for harassment on   my first blog, I'm the Victim here not you ha ha ha your stalking me again ha ha ah go on ill let ye away with,, hopefully you will stalk my blog from now on, will try to keep it interesting for ye to come back, link to this blog will be on my Facebook page, so click here to add or like my
FACEBOOK PAGE FOR DANNYBOY  all other links will be there for my other sites....

Oh ye just before I win the lotto tonight and jet off round on a cruise around Tallaght... Happy Tuesday