Thursday, 21 May 2015

That Feeling The Day Before Voting " Marriage Equality " Ireland

My last video on this referendum for " Marriage Equality "

 I just need to say my peace as I am worn out and drained from it all just like many others.. This has got to be a moment in time I will never forget... I could talk for weeks about this but it gets tiring trying to explain your life and how you feel to people who just wont listen..

. Im sure you all know what I mean, each to their own as they say... I have a strange feeling around me today, its a countdown to my future and many many many others.. All this for a simple " X " on a piece of paper by the majority to by happy and Marry the one I love..

 Ill be voting tomorrow with my partner and hope anyone who is undecided as what to vote, please watch this, there is so much more at stake for our younger generation.. 

Give them hope, Give us hope that Ireland will set the bar for the world and shout out that its ok to be gay and who you are and marry the one you love.. 

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