Monday, 22 December 2014

10 Years living in our Home today from 22/12/2004 - 22/12/2014

I woke up this morning feeling all nostalgic and here's why ??????

So today marks a special occasion for myself and Baz Acuda 

Today we celebrate our 10th year living in our house 22nd Dec 2004, only feels like yesterday we moved here, we had no clue what lay ahead for us as we were only with each other 2 years, still only getting to know each other, it was a huge step in our relationship to permanently move in together, but we said we would take that step as we were so in love with each other and did not want to part. We went on a holiday to Australia for my husbands brothers wedding. Which we had a ball of a time, a five week long holiday of craziness.  We arrived back to Ireland on the 21st of Dec 2004, we both went to work the next morning and that evening we packed up and moved our stuff,   all we had was some clothes, few bits of furniture and each other our first Christmas was crazy, we were jet lagged, tired but excited about moving into our new house. 

As you can imagine with a brand new housing estate just built, there was no street lights, hills of rubble still outside around the estate and what do you know, it was a " White Christmas " it snowed heavy that previous night on Christmas eve, which made it more special, we were like two  loved up teenagers but without the spots. 

As I sit here and think back of all the times we had together I cant help but to smile and think how did we even manage to get through some of the times we lived here.. As we were taken a huge step in our relationship to move in, the thought did cross my mind, is it too soon to permanently move in together, but the feeling was stronger than I could hide, I was so excited to be with my soul mate and best friend everyday.. I could not be happy without him being at my side. So we took the plunge and decided we would give it a go.. 

Now when I think back, it was the best decision I ever made, I wanted to be with him all the time and so we went on our journey to be a stable couple.. 

Yes some of the years were worse then others, as some of you reading this, living together sounds great but when you do it for a number of years, you really get to know that person inside out. I am at a stage in my life that I thought I would never be and that's being as happy now as the day I met my husband.. We have stood the test of time and still going strong..

Here are some pictures of our first " White Christmas "

As you can see, a white Christmas on our first year, don't think we ever got another white Christmas like this one, even looking back at these pictures makes me smile, I remember it like it was yesterday, the years have flown by.. 

So sitting here right now has me thinking of all the good and bad times that a couple will go through over the years of living together and I can happily say there has been so much more good times than there was bad times. See when you live together you have to be able to compromise and sacrifice some things in your life, as you have to always think of the other person as well as yourself. Its not easy is what I am saying but it takes a lot to work together as a team, but I am blessed to have found my husband Baz.. When I say this, I don't want to come across as " Oh I am so Lucky or Oh I am rubbing it into everyones face of how happy I am " 

What I mean is " Yes " I am happy and " Yes " I am so lucky, but what you have to understand is, when you share your life with someone not only have you to think of their feelings, but the  other person really and truly makes you open your eyes and makes you realise a lot about yourself too in the process, this man I have been living with has made me who I am today and that's no lie let me tell you.. 

I never thought I would be sitting here writing in my blog about living together ten years on, as blogs and facebook was not even out back then, now I am starting to feel old, I didnt even know how to fully use a computer, My husband Baz showed me the ropes and I got hooked straight away, now I am telling him about computers but he just laughs at me and says " Who's your Teacher " ha ha 

So a few years pass by and we always got along, we never really had huge fights or arguments, now I am not saying that we didn't, we did, but not to a stage where, that's it, I'm walking out the door, we just got along 99% of the time and still do, that's the part that amazes me but I am starting to think, its simply because we respect each other and always being honest with each other has kept us this long together.. 

Now when I mean, being honest with each other, that can be a little white lie and here's why.. 

When my husband shouts up the stairs.. 

" Danny, where is my charger off my phone " 
" I would reply, check the front room "
" Baz would say, Its not there "
" I would say it is there, did you even look ??? "
" Baz says ye, I looked everywhere " 
" Of course I would have to go and look then and what do you know, Its there " 

See what I have come to realise too about living together so long, is that I seem to know where everything is in the house and baz doesn't, he will always ask me first and say he cant find it and I would have to go and get it, I don't know what it is, how do I know where everything is in the house, he even slags me off saying that " I even know where the drips are in the house "

So he will ask me first because I know and if I don't know, then he will look for it.. I don't know why but sort of proud of myself how I know where everything is, and when I say that, I really mean it, even last night, we got into the car and Baz says, " Wheres my wallet " I said did you not bring it in with ye ??? He says he thinks he did, So I sat in the car waiting for him to get his wallet and took about ten minutes to come back out, He comes back out saying he cant find it, so again I walked into the house, I has a little rumble in my head to scan the  house with my brain as I always do. BOOM, check upstairs in the wardrobe I think I seen it there.. Baz comes back down with his wallet in his hand.... 

Not sure If that happens will all couples, one will know where everything is and the other will always ask first, probably saves times looking for it, but Yes, I have taken on the that role.

But it took us a long time to get our house the way we wanted to and when I say that I mean designing wise, over the years, we painted our house all crazy colours, from stripy wallpaper to glitter paint, lime green in the hallway to yellow and green kitchen, we had every colour under the sun on the walls in our house, but what we soon realised quick enough, that our social life fizzled out pretty rapidly.. 

We were what you would call, social butterflies, true and true, party animals, at the drop of a hat we would get a phone call or text, " You guys wanna come to a party " before we even called back or even though of replying, We had showered and dressed in five minutes and the way out the door, but the harsh reality of living together is you spend twice as much and you have bills to pay. So over the coming years, we had started to see our friends less and less and we used to get said to us, " They don't come out any more " there is a huge reason why ?????

Its a brilliant idea of having your own house, but there is always a price tag ????

As you can imagine as some of you probably do, when your social life is going to the bank to pay your mortgage or bills and bringing the bins out to the bin man, you then realise its tougher then you think, no more long weekends of partying like your 18, no more " Ill pay for that taxi which is € 50 " 
no more, Ill meet on Dame street for 8pm and then go on a pub crawl, yes that's what we used to do when we first moved in, always out, always mingling and partying but those days soon disappeared and then the struggles came.. You spend less and less time out and about and more and more time with your pen and paper working out what needs to be paid, but trying to tell someone people that we cant come out as we need to keep a roof over our heads is liking telling someone when they are at the height of the party, " Turn that music off, Party's over " That will not register with a party head 

So years went by and we sacrificed so much of our social life it got to us in the end, you cant keep a Butterfly in a matchbox, of course the butterfly will get stress and feel like he is suffocating, but what do you do in cases like that when both are feeling the same way.. You talk it out and shout it out, boy oh boy we had many of those talks but when I think back now and say to myself, I am so glad we did and were always on the same page...

Our relationship through the years here has being up and down like many others but we got through it and still her today celebrating our 10th year in our house.. There is a day that comes along when you prioritise what is important, Your party lifestyle or your future, we choose our future and are sticking to that as our happiness is more important..

Ill fast forward a little bit in these 10 years we are here and give you a little background.. 

We met each other on the 04/10/2002 in a nightclub on abbey street, a club we use to go too every week after we met there " Spirit " night club, we had some amazing times, well while we could until we grew up ha ha 

I used to always say to myself, I am going to marry him one day, I was head over heels in love with him and my feelings have just grown stronger each day, love is love, there is no conditions, if your heart wants something there is nothing you can do about it what so ever... 

So in the running up to our 10th year anniversary together as a couple, I thought to myself where is this relationship going to, We are almost 10 years together and I wanted to take it to the next step and propose to him.. So we booked a holiday to Barcelona for our 10th year together and had many many talks to Baz's sister, my very own inspirational person, love her so much, I said to her, I am going to propose to Baz on our 10th year together, she said oooohhhhh Danny, I am so Happy for you, I hope he says the important answer " Yes " and I said so do I , if he says " No " I'll start packing straight away when I get home.. 

So we got to Barcelona and I calls his sister and says " that's it, I'm all set for tonight, I am going to pop the question " Will you Marry Me " she says, call me straight away and let me know what he says, I says, I will, So off I go, back to the hotel, ready to ask that important question, that will either make us stronger or break us up... 

Getting ready and having a shower, heart pumping through my chest, reciting the line over and over again until I forgot how to speak with the nerves... Baz says, stay in the room a few minutes I'm just cleaning the living room, so I says sure, gave me more time to remember what to say.. 

Baz shouts, ah your grand, you can come out now, My heart stopped, said to myself, Ok, Danny you have this, all you need to do is tell him how you feel and just say it " Will You Marry  Me " 
So I walks out of the bedroom to what I can describe is, my husband standing there in the middle of the room, candles all over the place spelling out " I Love You " I looks around towards Barry, he is standing there staring right at me, music playing was " Sade, By Your Side " 

He looks into my eyes and pulls me closer, tells me how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of our lives together, lifts his hand and I see a ring, " Will You Marry " he says, I will never forget that day for as long as I live, I didn't even speak or say anything, I just broke down in tears as I want to spend the rest of my life with this man, I eventually said " Yes " quivering lip and beating heart, we just hugged for what must have felt like eternity.. 

This is the strange thing, I was meant to propose to him, not him proposing to me.. We both went to Barcelona we the same plan, to ask each other " Will You Marry Me " and if that is not love I don't know what is.. Even though you live with someone, don't take each other for granted ever, Always show respect towards each other, love each other, your a team and let the good and bad times come and go, they will make your stronger if you want to be with each other for the long haul.  

So you see, living here for this length of time, I have personally being on one crazy rollacoaster and have taken the bad with the good but I have not done it on my own.. 

So what I am trying to say, this day back in 2004 changed for my life the better and I am happy for all the memories that we have both created.. 

So from today, I am going to make more memories and I am going to love Baz with an even bigger heart for all the years of loving me and accepting me for who I am and we are still redecorating the house up until this morning ha ha We will never finish with this house and always make your house your home no matter where you live or who you live with... Respect each others way of living as we all live different lives but sharing your life is so important

So its a long road but looking back today makes me appreciate it even more.. 

So this Christmas is even more special for us :) 

So I would like to wish all of my readers a Happy Christmas and make the most of what you have with your family and when I mean " Family " 

I mean this, some of us don't spend time with our families as much as we would like too and the reasons are only yours to understand that, family does not have mean  blood related, family are who you choose to be family along your journey in life, so who ever makes you happy and has your best interests at heart and who love you for you, they are your family.. So enjoy your family whom ever they are :):)   

Thank you for reading