Welcome to the Weird and Wonderful World Of Irish Danny Boy.

I am a fun loving crazy individual with more layers than something that has loads of layers. Im a Dublin born Irish Boy, I have since moved out of Dublin to Co Meath with my Beyonce in our new home. As they say, you can take the boy out of Dublin, but you cant take the Duiblin out of the boy :):)

This purpose of this page is as a vent for my eccentricities, opinions, thoughts and video's. I am a very creative person. Weather it's a piece of art I have made, a costume, a make up look or a video production and I intend on using this page to share these with you. So feel free to check out my blog, comment on my posts be it good bad or indifferent. We all have our own opinions, so feel free to share them and enjoy the ride.

So I have step foot into 2013 by does time fly by so fast.....

I am also a video editor, producer and video maker, costumes designer and SFX makeup artist, I have recently just finished off my new studio and I am so excited to say I be in a very creative mood this year...

I set up this blog to rant away and get whatever does bother me or I have a passion for to express myself here.


I recently got engaged to my partner of 10 years on the 4th of October in Barcelona so I will be posting some plans for my wedding for the big day, so looking forward to it, gonna be epic I tells ye epic, Its not everyday you get to spend your life with someone you love, best friend, soul-mate and party buddy, so Im making the most of everyday we have together.....

Myself and My Sexy Beyonce

Hope you will join me along my journey of being an engaged man and experiencing the joys and stress of planning a BIG FAT GAY WEDDING..... Hold tight as I have so many plans going through my head for Our big Day, no stress just bank statements :):)