Thursday, 21 May 2015

Protect The Children " Marriage Equality Ireland "

So I hear a lot about this " Marriage Equality " Referendum on May 22nd here in Ireland and I hear so much of " Protect The Children " 

So this is what I think, Stop degrading these children and speaking about them as if they are NOT human or have feelings..

 It turns my stomach to hear such vile words being spoken and the way they the " Vote NO " Campaign speak about these children as if they don't exist... Mothers and Fathers " every child deserves one,, Jesus Christ, if any child was to listen to what you blab on about they will for sure think there is something wrong with them.... Equality will over rule and hatred and even these children will become adults one day and look back at this circus they " No Vote " Campaign are putting on....

Vote Yes to Equality for Marriage Equality in Ireland 2015 as this has spilled over into a more serious debate and that debate is 

Children, ALL children deserve is love and a loving family period ..

Vote Yes For an Equal Ireland 

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