Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hubbys Birthday Bash Plus NO SMOKING Blog Video

So here we are on a Wednesday night just about recovered from My Beyonce Barry's Birthday Bash at the weekend...... Boy oh Boy what a weekend.... Such great laughs were had....

What is it with getting older, you seem to take longer to get it together :):) But well worth the madness. Video at end of blog for an update on how I'm getting on with no smoking ...........

                                           So Here is the handsome devil My Hubby Himself
                                                     " Before The Madness Mind You "

We started our craziness with a session in a house on the South side and headed out to Dame St to meet up with a couple of friends of mine, you know who you are, delighted to see you crazy bitches out and about, been way too long, So headed to City Bar for a couple of shots and we sure got enough of those into us at the bar..

            Heres' a pic of My Two Great Childhood friends who I love very Much.. Petal on the Phone :)

So after a few shots and scoops we left there to head to " Mother " a club just off Dame St, first time being there in ages and loved it, had a brill night with my hubby and friends. Door staff were very friendly, had some great laughs with them and bar staff were friendly also, music was right up my street, I was thinking it was my birthday :) instead of the hubby's :) always the same with me when were out, birthday weekend every weekend..

                             Of Course I'm doing a " VOGUE COMPETITION IN Mother Club :)

So after there we ended back over on the southside for another session and kept going to the early hours, ah sure when your out you have to stay out :) after we left and ended up in another friends house on the northside and what a laugh, meet some great people there, still laughing about it now, but as always the party always ends and it sure did with myself crashing on the sofa I was sitting in the late hours of Sunday night...

               A Picture of Mister CONORNATION STREET awwww Little Twinky Bear :):)

PARTY OVER TIME uuggghhhh hate that part so I do.... So as we did, we made a quick call to get picked up by our gorgeous sister, when she did finally pick us up, she just took one look at the heads on us and turned her head, and laughed,

THE BLEEDING STATE OF YOU TWO :):) we were still pissed at the time, chatting away and laughing about the whole weekend, but all in good fun, ye have to be able to go out and enjoy yourself every now and then and make the most of the weekend.... Was seriously paying for it on the Monday in work though, god i was in a awful state, hubby off work for the day and slept most of the day, poor me dragged myself through the day :(:( but made it through..

Anyways off the subject of birthdays now

Ive QUIT Smoking yesterday and its very tough for me right now, I have decided I am going to try and stop smoking as I have been smoking for over 20 years now and its time to give it a rest, My chest is very tight lately and I'm finding it hard to breath as well as they are very unhealthy and bad for me plus never mind the fact there cost me about, wait for it when I show you what it costs me..

Daily                       €9
Weekly                   €54
Monthly                  €216
Yearly                     €3235      " Give and take any extra smoking out socializing  "

WOW I say, when you put it on paper and really see what it costs, its shocking, that's a hell of a lot of money to put into my body, but even when I am writing this blog, I'm thinking about having a smoke, but what I'm using at the moment is an electronic cigarettes which is helping me out a lot.....

I have had a bit of a trigger point today when I was in work and i felt very hot and bothered and wanted to run for the door and have a cigarette but am going to try my best to finally quit smoking once and for all....

I have seen when i put a status out on my facebook page about me trying to stop smoking I got a lot of encouragement and support from a lot of my friends and alot there are a lot of who are giving up smoking also so I don't actually feel so alone in doing it which is great for me ...

Anyways, I will keep you posted on how I get on with my no smoking as i will make a couple of videos about blogging to give you an update on how i am coping with it, but wish me luck as its a very tough road ahead for me....

So here is just a little rant and an update of me trying to quit smoking so me even saying NO SMOKING for me in the same sentence is just crazy :)

Wish Me luck, day 2 nearly over :):)

DannyBoy :)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

DIY How To Personnalise Christmas Presents

A Short Blog on How To Personalised  your Christmas presents for that someone special

I know that Christmas has passed us by already, but seen as though Ive set up this blog now, ill like to show you how you can " Do It Yourself " basically, you now have a whole year to prepare these amazing personalised Christmas presents for that someone special, it sure did make our sister " Tara " feel very special indeed.......

                      So here is a couple of pictures of the project you are going to be creating......
                            There is a tutorial video at the end of the blog to show you also.                              

So whatever the name you choose to personalise here is what you are going to need to complete your project...

1. Lots and Lots of Cardboard                 " Ask Your local Supermarket or Toy store for empty boxes "
2. Couple of rolls of Strong sellotape,        " Duck-tape or glue or a stapler "
3. Pencil or Marker
4. Measuring Tape or Ruler
5. Lots of fancy Christmas Wrapping Paper

6 Optional.... Bows, Ribbons, Bobbles, Bells or Fancy Decorations

                Also Just a few pictures of the single letters to show you closer what they look like finished


So as you can see they look Amazing when they have finished, It was my very first attempt to try out something different for Christmas time to make Tara's Christmas very special.....

I also have put together a quick simple and easy Tutorial video for you all, sop you can also personalise those Christmas presents for your special loved one....

Tutorial Video below so just click away and you can find out how these Fabulous Christmas Presents are made...

So now you have watched the video, why not try these for yourself next Christmas, you have a whole year now... Thanks for watching the video and hope this helps you out to give Christmas gifts a bit of a spark for someone you love

Danny Boy

First Blog For My New Blog of January 2013

So here you are, having a little read of my new blog I just set up.. :)

Thanks for stopping by for a read, not sure if you will find me interesting enough but sure you must have, to click the link and have a read, Thanks, now your making me nervous now that your still reading it, shit quick think of something good to say DannyBoy, oh ye, I know, Sorry do you have the spare time on ye :)

Ah Jesus I'm only kidding..

So here goes, Since I use facebook a lot, I tend to rant away and be all out there, I've come to a conclusion, that somethings are better left off  facebook altogether, so I decided I would start up a blog for a little rant every now and then, can say what I bleeding like on here, which gets me rather excited and all crazy in the face :):)

                                                           " Inserts Crazy Face Below "

So this will be my little corner of the web where I can be as creative as much as I like without anyone getting on my tits basically :)

Hope you will follow my blog and keep up to date what ill be ranting on about, because to be honest I need someone to read this :) as its my first scribble in my new blog I'm allowed to get away with ranting, just the once mind you.

You still there???? ah nice one, thought you were gone for a sec :)

So back to what I was ranting on about, ye, through the year ill be updating the blogs design, changing it about till I get comfortable with its look, as you may have seen on facebook or heard, myself and my mouth watering dashing boyfriend recently got engaged on our 10th year together in Barcelona, so ill be posting pics and videos throughout the year of places we will be looking at to get married in, ie... Venues, Hotels, outdoor venues, suits, cars, invitations, food, honeymoon etc etc...

                                                 " My Handsome Beyonce Baza Cuda "

                         " Love This Man So Much, ALL Love is Equal regardless of your sexuality "

Hopefully win the lotto and wont have to worry about any of that, should really start doing it today, back in a sec..

Phew, that was fast, just back in the in the door, quick pic eat your heart out, oohhh wish me luck :)

So ye, basically, ill be planning a BIG GAY WEDDING, ranting away what I'm passionate about, making a lot of DIY ( Do It Yourself ) videos on tutorials, Love a bit of Arts and Crafts....

So I'm going to keep this short and sweet for my first blog, don't want to bore you out of your brain just yet, wait, are still here ????? Jesus thank f**k for that, thought I lost ye there and was going to call the guards and have you arrested for harassment on   my first blog, I'm the Victim here not you ha ha ha your stalking me again ha ha ah go on ill let ye away with,, hopefully you will stalk my blog from now on, will try to keep it interesting for ye to come back, link to this blog will be on my Facebook page, so click here to add or like my
FACEBOOK PAGE FOR DANNYBOY  all other links will be there for my other sites....

Oh ye just before I win the lotto tonight and jet off round on a cruise around Tallaght... Happy Tuesday