Tuesday, 22 January 2013

DIY How To Personnalise Christmas Presents

A Short Blog on How To Personalised  your Christmas presents for that someone special

I know that Christmas has passed us by already, but seen as though Ive set up this blog now, ill like to show you how you can " Do It Yourself " basically, you now have a whole year to prepare these amazing personalised Christmas presents for that someone special, it sure did make our sister " Tara " feel very special indeed.......

                      So here is a couple of pictures of the project you are going to be creating......
                            There is a tutorial video at the end of the blog to show you also.                              

So whatever the name you choose to personalise here is what you are going to need to complete your project...

1. Lots and Lots of Cardboard                 " Ask Your local Supermarket or Toy store for empty boxes "
2. Couple of rolls of Strong sellotape,        " Duck-tape or glue or a stapler "
3. Pencil or Marker
4. Measuring Tape or Ruler
5. Lots of fancy Christmas Wrapping Paper

6 Optional.... Bows, Ribbons, Bobbles, Bells or Fancy Decorations

                Also Just a few pictures of the single letters to show you closer what they look like finished


So as you can see they look Amazing when they have finished, It was my very first attempt to try out something different for Christmas time to make Tara's Christmas very special.....

I also have put together a quick simple and easy Tutorial video for you all, sop you can also personalise those Christmas presents for your special loved one....

Tutorial Video below so just click away and you can find out how these Fabulous Christmas Presents are made...

So now you have watched the video, why not try these for yourself next Christmas, you have a whole year now... Thanks for watching the video and hope this helps you out to give Christmas gifts a bit of a spark for someone you love

Danny Boy

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