Thursday, 24 April 2014

" It Gets Better " Part 2 from Irish Dannyboy

So by me putting this video together I want to show young people that " It Has Got Better " and so much more than you can imagine..

I have taken a few moments out of my day to share a story and a message of hope and encouragement to the young generation who are feeling isolated right now..

My name is DannyBoy and below is a message to you to let you know you are not alone and there is so much support around you..

This is Part 2 of my " It Gets Better " project message of hope to you......

My life has changed for the better and more than I could ever imagine and it will for you when you believe in yourself and learn to love yourself... So what ever you are going through be it being bullied, harassed or even feeling that you cant go on, please take a moment to listen to my message to you...

Here is my Video " It Gets Better " Part 2

When you feel that life is getting the better of you or you feel that there is no light at the end of your tunnel, hear me when I say, I can relate to you and their is hope for you, a lot of hope.. I have also attached support information in the description of the video if you ever need to talk and also my email address for that extra bit of support...

This video I have created hopefully strikes a cord in you that you believe in  yourself and will lift your head high once again to be that person you have always wanted to be.. if you want to see my other video of my story in part 1 you can check that video message of hope below here..

As you can see, even back in 2012 I though that is the best it was going to get, but even I was wrong, It got even better, I am now an engaged man to my partner of 12 years this year and am planning my dream wedding... I want to you take a few minutes out of your day, think of who you are and what you want to be in this world and really dig deep into your heart and find that person that makes you YOU... For you hold the key to your happiness in your own heart...People can be so cruel but don't ever be cruel to yourself.. Love yourself and express the real you inside, you will be amazed at what will happen next when you give yourself that opportunity of happiness..

I also want to add while i say " It Gets Better " I mean I will and I am once again showing and  sharing my journey with you to show you that you can do it....

I have also made another video of Bullying and Cyber Bullying... I can so relate to you in ever aspect of your journey and hurt, Be it being bullied in person or being bullied online... You also have a choice to make yourself happy again.. You can see this video below is about Bullying below.. take a few minutes out for yourself and watch this video below and no that your not alone... Don't let anyone make your journey in this life regretful for you too have every right to be here, you have a purpose to be here and its time you found your purpose in this life....

So you see, you are not on your own and I for one will be here with a tentative ear to listen to any of your worries yo may have...

I truly hope in your heart you take on board my message to you and start to lift your head and look around you and see how life can get so much better when you let your heart lead the way...

You know where to find me

Irish DannyBoy

Friday, 18 April 2014

B&D Cakes and Creations

When you have a dream and it feels out of reach, what do you ???

You persist in that dream no matter how long it takes for your to make that dream come through...

And here's why ..........

Many moons ago a young man had a dream of being a top professional chef.. That man is my husband Baz. He had a dream when he was only a young adult. He dreamt one day he would be a professional chef and he though to himself one day that he was going to pursue his dream.. 

While he was still finding his feet as a young growing man and finding out  what he wanted to do he came across a lot of obstacles and when I say a lot, I mean a lot, see growing up in Ireland as a young man looking for work, you had to have qualifications from school to walk into that dream job, but by the time Baz got all his qualifications his own personal circumstances changed meaning he had to get work soon as which meant his dream job as a professional chef would have to wait a little longer.. 

See to become a professional chef you have to have years of training behind you and Baz did not have that time to spare.. So he did what any hard working young man would do and that's take the next good paying job to get by in life because in Ireland it was getting to be a pretty expensive state to live.. We had the boom alright but that soon ended with a bigger BOOM.. 

So on he went to enter into a world of Communications.. Where he strives at every challenge becoming more and more knowledgeable of the industry and in turn gave him higher positions as he progressed in the company but no matter how tough his day job would be on him he always managed to have some time to cook, bake and experiment with food when he got home. I know I have seen him in the kitchen and if you think speedy Gonzales is fast, you can forget about it. Baz would literally surf the web, study a recipe and be back from the store with everything he needs to start this new recipe.. 

He never stopped through the years experimenting with food and I loved him for that, simply because I got to taste all those amazing and delicious dishes.. But to my own amazement, Baz went on to start baking, starting off with your aul favourite, scones and melted Irish butter and homemade brambly jam.. 

As simply as they were, they were always welcome with a cup a " Rosie " which also means a cup of tea here in Ireland.. 

So after a few years experimenting with lots of different dishes and baking the odd dessert, he then tried his hand at cakes.. Now this is where the good stuff starts..

Here is a link to Baz's facebook page named   B&D Cakes and Creations  You can click the name which will bring you to the page.. Check it out, you will be amazed at how far he has come with his dream.. 

The first few cakes he made, he would always try to better the latest design he created to make the next even more creative...

Here are some pictures of the amazing cakes he created himself....

                                                                Ombre Ruffle Cake

                                 Two Tier Black and White Cake 

                                                     Minnie Mouse Cake 

                                                  Communion Cake

                                          Pigeon Loft / Decks Cake 
  This cake was specially requested as I have never seen a cake like this before myself

                                 The Hive Busby Bee Cake 

With this cake he also made a Video tutorial to show how this is created. You can see the video for this cake below also.. Pretty amazing this one

Also another video you can see more pics of the finished design ...

         Black & White design cake for a special friends birthday 

            A Sparkling Barbie Princess Cake / with movable wings 

                   Minion Cake Despicable Me Half Good / Half Evil 

                A Triple Tier classic Black & White Wedding Cake 

                                  A Communion Barbie Cake 

                                     A Coffin Style Cake 

           Again you can check out the video below for more pictures of this style cake

So these cakes are only a few of his designs he has made to order, if you are interested in finding out more about what designs he can create for you visit his facebook page BnD Cakes and Creations here

Pretty cool designs and whats even better he has only began to delve into his dream and I couldn't not be happier for him... He will also be designing our very own wedding cake for our big day and has plenty of time to practise for it :)

I sure hope he can build a 10 Tier cake for the wedding :)

Irish Dannyboy 

Monday, 14 April 2014

How to Create / Design a Feature Wall in your home DIY

So this is the finished Feature Wall in this pic below.. To find out more how its done read on. 

" That wall is bugging me " I could hear in my ear as I sat down to our dinner table in the dining room one night.. 

Ye me too I said to my hubby as I pulled in my chair.. What wall is not bugging you in this house " Helen " 

As soon as I heared " Helen " I burst out laughing.. See my husband Baz has a nickname for me in this crazy house. " Helen " ye got to love helen I said to Baz.. That you do gurl, that you do...

A Bit of background on " Helen " 

Helen is so house proud she sleeps with her yellow gloves and apron on.. He nicknamed me " Helen " as she goes round the house with her diamond shaped hoover and duster, you wont find a spec of dust in this house with Helen around, she is a DIY lady who will do any do it yourself job in the house as she would not dare pay someone to come in and do a job she can do.. 

So we will get back to how we created this new Feature Wall in our dining room.. 

Here is a short video of this Feature Wall we created on my youtube channel, also on my youtube channel I  post videos of How To / DIY, if you want to check out my youtube channel you can do so by clicking here 
IrishDannyboys Youtbe Channel 

We both began to enjoy our meal and glass of Pinot Grigio  and chatting away about how we can change the look of this wall and as you can imagine, we have lived her coming up to our 10th year in our beautiful home in Co Meath and we have literally went through every colour you can think of with paint and wallpaper designs at that.. 

Baz comes up with the idea of creating this dado rail design which will infact break up the wall in different sections but also giving it a very stylist overall feeling of grandness " if that's a word " it is now says you.. 

So here is what the wall looked liked before we did anything to it. It is a large wall but we never really could fill the wall with anything. 

So the first thing I done with this wall was to strip the wallpaper and make sure I filled in any cracks or holes that might be there from applying paint and wallpaper on it through the years of decorating.. 

After all that prep work is finished ie, sanding and smoothed out.. Next step is to measure out where you want your dado rail to go and work out how big you want your design, 

We decided to go with three separate pieces, Two verticle pieces on each side.. Here are a few pictures of the design  being attatched to the wall..

For the middle piece  we went with a rectangle design, you can see how this piece was attached to the wall with these pictures,

In the below pictures, you can see that when you have all your design up on the wall you can go ahead and fill in the spaces between your dado rail and wall and then begin to undercoat and top coat your dado rail..

So now you can see all the dado rail is attached to the wall and painted..  We positioned some furniture against the wall to get a taste for the finished look..

. Your next step then would be to apply  your wallpaper you choose to the inners of your design like the pictures below..  When you are placing your wallpaper do make sure that your design on the wallpaper will an even line across the Featured Wall.. You will see what I mean in pictures below.

Just like this picture. As you can see the design on the wallpaper on the right is lower than the design on the far right. Pattern is lower, I done this just to show you how easy a mistake this can be..

I went ahead and replaced it and brought the design of the wallpaper to and even level.

Also the measurements we used where a little bit bigger than the normal size of the wallpaper, so we have to cut small edges and place them side by side to match the design..

And so the fun part begins, to decorate and furnish the room.. Love this part..

We also painted this Feature Wall in a Grey / Blue colour just to show you ..

So at last we can now finally say that this will do us now for a couple of years until " Helen " turns around and says to her husband Baz " That wall is bugging me " :)

So hope this was helpful to you guys and would love to see if you decide to do your own Feature Wall... 

Irish Dannyboy 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Despiciable Me " Minion Cake " Half Good / Half Evil

Can you believe how longs its been since my last post.. ah here leave it out will ye :)

So have decided to keep my blog up to date as god knows how long its been since my last confession.. Which was about a minute ago but who's counting, not me that's for sure..

Right, I best get on with it so and post away....

Check out this picture below of the animated film character

             " Despicable Me " Minion Cake " Half Good / Half Evil

You can also check out the video format of these pictures with this youtube video

Pretty cool character. This was another crazy cake creation from my better half Baz, Few more pics below.

I think its pretty cool for his first attempt at this kind of character .....

It you want to see more of his work and Cakes, you can check out his Facebook page By Clicking the link Here... BnDCakesandCreations

You will be amazed at some of his creations. I remember when he use to always say to me that he always wanted to be a chef but never could as another job came first more money and took it, so now in his later years he is starting to give some attention to his passion and that was to be a chef as he masters some amazing meals on the stove also :) and sure a way to a mans heart is through his belly, ye got that right, had me at the first meal....

So anyways lost myself ranting there, back to the beginning, first post in a long time but sure see how we go and ill TRY, now I said TRY, me best to keep it interesting for you mad bunch


Irish Dannyboy