Thursday, 21 May 2015

Irish Gay Families Matter !!!! Marriage Equality Ireland

I never thought I would have to broadcast my " Family " life but I need to let children know who have same sex parents they are just that " A Family "

When I see posters that read " We Already Have Civil Partnership "Don't redefine Marriage ???
 Who are " We " ??
Are they Gay or Straight ????

 Anyways, I need to put one thing straight, " Pardon the pun "  no matter what your view, opinion or thoughts, any person who is put into a category simply because of who they are its
 " Discrimination "

I need to reach out to children who are publicly degraded and spoke of in a way they will feel " Unnatural " or " Less  Equal "  in debates, on the radio, on posters, on national TV, on social media
You are perfectly fine, your " Family Unit " is perfectly fine, Your same sex parents are perfectly fine..

Its not you who is unnatural, its the people who think you are... Any sane person, or any intelligent person knows that we are all the same and we all deserve equal rights...

A lot of you are misguiding this referendum with your own personal views and beliefs and using children as your ammunition and are determined to EXCLUDE loving Families and children who are already living and breathing in this country...

My video of my story is below 

I was brought up by same sex parents, who loved me everyday, so when people speak the way they are speaking about children, its me you are talking about, when I was a child I always thought there was something wrong with my family the way I was bullied, slagged off and jeered everyday, in school, going to the shops, it didn't matter where I was, anyone that knew I had same sex parents, I was bullied because of it and whats even more crazy, its still the same to this day, when I turn on the radio, Tv, newspapers, posters.. Its never going to stop as it was always seen as unnatural, I am a grown man now and realise I will never let it happen to any child the way it happened to me.. I can use my voice and will tell you like it is... YOU do not control peoples lives or people families.. You can have your view but its the same view as I seen when  I was a child... Especially religion class don't get me started on that...

I was brought up to respect people, have manners and stand up for what I believe is right... And I know full " Equality " is right regardless of any personal view or opinion.......

Protect The Children ??????  I am one of those children and you never protected my " Family " nor did my country and you still continue to NOT protect the children, instead, you are making children feel less equal and making them question their family unit..

Civil Partnership has far less rights and protections than Civil Marriage... actually there are around 160 differences to be honest..

I grew up not knowing anything about referendums, rights and " Ideal Family Units " I always thought my family are amazing, until I stepped outside my front door and really seen that society thought my " Family " were the freaks on the road.. Thats not the way life is and I cant sit by and watch grown adults do the same to people like me and happily degrade children and smoother it with views and opinions

Please Vote Yes on May 22nd as I personally have had a life of listening to the same arguments and same discrimination and it continues, please don't make it continue for our children and generations to come , make a stand and give everyone the equal rights we all deserve

Thank You

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