Tuesday, 16 December 2014

DIY: How To Make A " Christmas Holly Table Runner Wreath with Lights "

So its that time of year again and time to be as creative with your Christmas Decorations.

Yes, Its Christmas time, Festive season,  my favourite time of the year, well, I do love Halloween also but thats another blog post, I just love the fact I can be as creative with our house when it comes to Christmas.. 

Like every year I always make a Christmas Wreath for our front door but this year I decided to make a, well, I don't really know to be honest, I just got up out of bed the other morning when we were suppose to be having a lazy day in bed, which I do love our lazy days but its christmas and need to get the creative juices flowing.. 

So its up and at them I say, I said to my hubby. Get your coat and wooly hat on, were hitting the forest to get some Holly and bringing the dogs with us... Well such a crazy look I got from him.. 

No buts, NOW I SAID, he eventually gave in and off we went. Vroom Vroom

So enough of how the idea of getting holly came about, Ill fast forward into this blog and show you want we came up with.. 

                                     " Christmas Holly Table Runner Wreath with Lights " 

So below you will find videos and pictures of our adventure of creating this master piece and we decided to show you the whole process of creating it, from, 

1. Hunting down the Holly Tree.
2.Chopping it down.
3.Bringing it home. 
4. Creating the Holly Wreath

So I will stop ranting on and you can check out our videos and pictures and hopefully this will inspire you to create one of your own, easy, saves money and looks amazing.. 

First Video is our preview video of our " Mini Mocumentry " while out " Holly Hunting "

Preview Video  

So if you seen out Preview video of " Holly Hunting " you can sit back and enjoy our 

" Mini Mocumentry of Holly Hunting " 

Had great fun and laughs with my Baz this day searching for Holly as you can probably tell :) 

So if you want to know how we created this Holly Wreath, you do check out the next video of 

"DIY: How To Make A " Christmas Holly Table Runner Wreath with Lights " 

So now you seen the whole process of us creating this fabulous piece for our dining table for our family at dinner time.. 

In the next few pictures you will see how this is completed from start to finish, again have fun making your's 

Any questions just pop me a comment :)


Happy Christmas To You All :)

Have a safe one 


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