Thursday, 28 August 2014

" One & All "

So as I sit in darkness waiting for light, I think of all the wrongs I could have made right.
 I bash, curse and sell my soul, my demons savage me like a troll.
 I tell myself I am no good, my good friend darkness lends me his hood.
 I try in vain to shake him off, this sadness of the mind won't lay off.
 I think of things that I've done, this feeling of darkness has just begun.
 As he slowly creeps through my skin, feeling the darkness from within.
 It's me who thinks of things from the past, how long will this darkness last.
 I go about my daily life, in my mind with that jagged knife.
 twists and turns as I speak, a stiff upper lip I need to keep.
 I lift my head to see some light, nothing but darkness on this dark filled night.
 Memories flood my eyes as I stare, into darkness with a lonely glare.
With no sound to hear me cry, I never really wanted to die.
 It's a thought in my head, a split second thought and I could be dead. 
 but yet again when I'm on my own,  that thought will never leave me alone.
 One side says yes, be my guest.
 The other side says no, its not my time to go.
It's a battle of the mind, your will power you need to find.
 A power that you will need to know, to bring some light and help you grow. 
See darkness my friend loves me dearly, through my tears I see him clearly.
 That thought of hurt and despair,  I breath him in like a breath of fresh air.
 He sits and waits for his chance to shine, grins to himself and says he's mine.
So while I'm walking by his side, he thinks I'm going to run and hide.
 I search within for my power, a battle of the mind within a tall tower.
 A tear falls to keep me warm, as darkness smoulders like a swarm.
 And as I said as before, darkness once again knocks on my door.
With no sound to hear me cry, I never really wanted to die. 
Just to see the light of day, to send darkness on his way.
 Light has shun on my face, its time to say I'm not leaving this place.
 So yet again I survived this call, my will power my friend my 
" One and All" 

A Poem on " Will Power "

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