Monday, 27 April 2015

Marriage Equality " Protect The Children "

I'm sure a lot of you out there have heard that saying when it comes to " Marriage Equality " we need to " Protect The Children " Marriage is between " One Man & One Woman " we need to " Protect The Children " here's a way you can " Protect The Children " 

Attention all Straight Mothers & Fathers.... 
Including grandparents, Either single, married or together and you are deciding to " Vote No " against this referendum on May 22nd, I can't change the way you view this as it is your opinion, view and decision on this vote, same way as you cannot change mine... But I will say this, Imagine it's the 21st of May and you are parents of young children and I am sure there is a lot of straight parents out their with young children, when it comes to bed time for your child and your child says to you, Mammy or Daddy will you read me a bed time story, of course you will always say yes son / daughter I will read you a bed time story, you take out your child's favourite bed time story book, you start to read it to your child, as you read your precious child starts to nod off to sleep, you can tell as he / her closes their eyes and let's go of your hand, so it's time for you to gently tip top out of the star lit room, as you open the door, your precious child says " Good Night Mammy or Daddy " you will say with a loving heart, " Good Night and sleep tight my beautiful Boy / Girl " you close the door and off to bed. You awake on the 22nd of May, head off to get your opinion and view heard on this referendum and " Vote No " happy that you made your mind up and go back home, get the dinner ready and feed the family, late that night same again you put your precious child to sleep with a good night story...

 You might say to yourself where am I going with this status but hear me out. 

Let's just say for example that this referendum goes ahead and gets a " No Vote " by majority because everyone wants to " Protect The Children " What you have done by voting No is that you do not know if your precious child will grow up to be of age one day and become aware of their sexuality and comes out " Gay " in the future, you have just taken their voice away and their future to be happy with who they fall in love with and to let them make their own choice of who they want to Marry when they fall in love, be it boy or girl, .... So the next time you read your precious child a bedtime story, just think to yourself, would you want the best for your child, would you want them to be happy, would you live with that guilt of making their life hell simply because you voted no... Fast forward a few years from now with a " No Vote " their will be NO good night Mammy or Daddy, it will be a Goodbye Mammy or Daddy if your own child finds out you as loving parents and protectors of your child " Voted No " " simply because you did not " Protect The Children " so " Protect Your Children " and give them an Equal Future in this country we all call " Home because if I had children I'd be " Protecting My Children " so " Protect Your Children " So we can all " Protect Our Children 

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