Saturday, 2 February 2013

Day 5 Of Trying To Quit Smoking

                                   MY CONSCIENCE FOLLOWS ME EVERYWHERE

So I'm into my 5th day of still not smoking and have to say, its very tough for me but I know it will be worth in the end, but to be honest, there are days when I feel like having a sneeky cigarette with no one around but I know ill be just cheating myself if I do have that smoke on the sly..

So I just want to say to all who are trying to quit smoking and cutting out those cigarettes, I can so relate to how hard and tough it is, I have tried in the past to cut out smoking those nasty cigarettes and have gave them up for a long time before. The longest I was off the cigarettes was for over nine months about three years ago, but since I went back on them I went back to chain smoking, they are not only costing me a lot of money but are killing me slowly and its so tough to quit smoking when nearly everyone I know smokes around me....

But I am determined to quit smoking this time round, hopefully I get a lot of support of my family and friends and I would love nothing more if they quit with me so we can all do it together, but sometimes you have to do things alone and for the money I will save it will be going towards my wedding fund for my big special day, I am not getting any younger so I want to look my best on the big day in the near future :)

So here's a quick Video Blog of day 5 of my trying to quit the cigarettes... You can find all the Video blogs of each day in the tab above for my Daily Blogs or you can CLICK HERE to bring you to my Youtube channel for all my video blogs of quitting smoking, I would love your support through this or even share your story of you trying to give up smoking also...

Thanks for stopping by my blog for your support :)

                       Day 5.... My Conscience Follows me everywhere, check out my video below

Here is to a new Irish DannyBoy for the future and to having my health restore due to quitting those cigarettes out of my life, day by day is all I can do ......


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