Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day 6 Of Trying To Quit Smoking

So here I am nearing my first full week of having not smoked and I am very proud of myself for my attempt to quit this addiction of smoking cigarettes.

Day 6 and I am feeling so much better and full of energy and life. I was out walking my dogs today as I just needed to get out and get some fresh air into my new lungs. Got up early this morning fresh as a daisy and spring cleaned my house and washed my car in the mix, I just have to keep busy to take my mind off quitting the cigarettes, its working so far so good.....

                            Here is my Video Blog for Day 6 while I was out walking my dogs......

So as you have just seen in the video above, my conscience has followed me and caught back up asking me to give into smoking again, I really don't think so this time chickyboo.

                      ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

                                                        Week one starts tomorrow for me..

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